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Top Message CEO Shinji Inada A new way to grow vegetables

In our world, we are currently facing many challenges such as population growth, water shortage and crop damage due to extreme weather. Resulting in food shortages which cause food problems. The use of pesticides and fertilizers are becoming a major problem that is greatly impacting our health and environment. It will only become increasingly difficult for agriculture to steadily secure food by only using production methods dependent on soil conditions and climate.

It is under these circumstances that SPREAD Co., Ltd. was established in 2006 with the vision "to create a sustainable society where the children of the future can live with peace of mind." We believe our mission is to create innovations that can address the changing times based on the agricultural technology and skills that have been inherited from previous generations. We believe in taking on an important role that will connect us to the next generation.

In 2007, SPREAD constructed Kameoka Plant that produces 21,000 heads of lettuce per day, which at the time was the world’s largest vertical farm in terms of production. After six years of trial and error, our cultivation and production management system was established. Profitability was achieved in 2013, which is often said to be difficult for large-scale vertical farms. Our brand, “Vegetus”, can currently be found in approximately 4,000 supermarkets nationwide. From 2014, we have started partnership system to facilitate the global expansion strategy. In 2018 we started shipping from Techno Farm Keihanna located in the Kansai Science City. Techno Farm Keihanna is our first farm to implement next generation food production system Techno Farm™, which strives to unlock further potential of vertical farming by combining high productivity with environmental sustainability.

We believe that the vertical farming business will play an important role in solving food related problems and we are putting efforts towards building a business that will contribute to creating a sustainable society and the revitalization of the agricultural industry.

SPREAD Co., Ltd.
CEO Shinji Inada
Corporate Profile
Company Name SPREAD Co., Ltd.
Address Kyoto Research Park #8, 90 Chudojiawata-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 600-8815 Japan
tel:075-326-3850 fax:075-326-3851
Established / Fiscal Year-end January 5th, 2006 / Every March
Chief Executive Officer Shinji Inada
Capital 87,400,000 yen
Business Activities Vertical Farm Operations and Vegetable Production
●Public Transportation :
・JR San'in Main Line Tambaguchi station, 5min walk

Tokyo Office

Address FPG links KYOBASHI9F R916, 2-7-8, Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0031 Japan
C/O Earthside Co., Ltd.
●Public Transportation :
・Tokyo Metro, Ginza Line, Kyobashi Station, Exit 6,
 2min walk
・JR, Tokyo Station, Yaesu South Exit, 8min walk

Kameoka Plant

Address 54 Kamata, Amarube-cho, Kameoka, Kyoto 621-0806 Japan
●By Car :
・From Kyoto City, take Route 9 to the Kutsukake
 Interchange and then exit at the Kameoka Interchange,
 the factory will be on your left
●Public Transportation :
・From Kyoto Station: Take the Kyoto City JR San-in
 Line to JR Kameoka Station. Next, take the Keihan
 Bus 59 (Anao Temple Bound) or Keihan Bus 40
  (JR Sonobe Station West Gate Bound) and exit at
 the Anagawa highway rode
SPREAD's History
January 2006 Establishment of SPREAD Co., Ltd.
July 2007 Completion of Stage 1 of the Kameoka Plant
April 2008 Sales begin for the lettuce brand, “Vegetus”
March 2009 Completion of Stage 2 of the Kameoka Plant
April 2011 Renewal of the “Vegetus” packaging
September 2014 Renewal of the “Vegetus” packaging
October 2014 Start of Partnership business
March 2015 Increase in Capital to 87,400,000 yen
August 2015 Preparations begin for the construction of Techno Farm Keihanna at the Kansai Science City in Kizugawa, Kyoto
April 2016 Renewal of the “Vegetus” packaging
“Techno Farm™” received a gold award at the Edison Awards
November 2018 Start of shipment from Techno Farm Keihanna
June 2021 SPREAD’s Partner and a Member of ENEOS Group J Leaf Starts Operation of Techno Farm Narita
Introduction of the Group Companies

Earthside group offers an efficient business model for the produce industry and revolutionary supply chain from vegetable production, distribution, and logistics to sales, unders the mission of “Cherish fresh lives through the creation of global food infrastructure”.

Earthside Co., Ltd. https://earthside.com/en
SPREAD Co., Ltd. https://www.spread.co.jp/en
TRADE Co., Ltd. https://www.tradecompany.co.jp
CRUISE Co., Ltd. https://www.cruise.co.jp
Deal Co., Ltd. https://www.deal.co.jp